Good afternoon, dear delegates!

 It is a great honor for me to speak here on behalf of the Chairman of the UNDOC Committee at the IV Pyatigorsk Junior Model of the United Nations!

 In a few days, within the walls of our school, we will meet at the negotiating table, where we will look for ways to solve the problem that faces practically all states - drug trafficking. The very term "drug trafficking" means a channel for the smuggling of drug substances.

Nowadays there is an international UN convention against illegal drug trafficking, which obliges states to solve such problems, and any legalization is a direct violation of this document. Until this date, this problem is rapidly gaining momentum. Illegal drug trafficking has a devastating effect on transit states, causes increased corruption, contributes to an increase in the number of diseases associated with non-medical and non-sterile drug use.
Drug trafficking undermines the economic and political state of the nation. World drug trafficking equates to the market of oil turnover, it is about 800 billion dollars every year. Our duty is to know and understand the full danger of this phenomenon. Our task is to develop a set of measures to solve this problem.

 I wish you fruitful and a constructive work at PJMUN 2018! 

Yours faithfully
Chairman of the UNDOC Committee 

Yana Shiporenko

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“Усилия мирового сообщества по борьбе с наркотрафиком"

Председатель Комитета


Шипоренко Яна

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Элиас  Бадалов

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Алла Аленко, Алла Румянцева

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